Creative Space Planning is a process that we use to organize a Client's program and superimpose a strong concept which together delivers the foundation to enable the building blocks that follow and result in a successful project. This process provides the starting point which ultimately will deliver a space that reflects the image, unique business advantage and culture that our Client wishes to project.


We believe that this process has a strong and enabling fiscal, functional and aesthetic impact that benefits our clients significantly.


Through this process the design projects forethought and provides a platform to aid the client in their planning for flexibility and enables them to look forward with the confidence that options exist when they face a changing business environment.


Strategy & Design


Partnering with our Clients we actively seek to deliver design informed by the visioning process. This methodology leads to the discovery and evaluation of business strategic goals, culture, organizational structure, people, processes, space, and technological situation. This basis of information is the foundation and springboard that enables us to developed a strategic evaluation and plan presenting creative, pertinent and viable solutions which add value and ensure the success of the space design that follows.